The Heartland Difference

The difference of Heartland Footwear lays within our products and their 4 Key Benefits.



Long hours on your feet comes as standard. We take the hurt away by putting extra emphasis on comfort and support.



Your feet need a fortress. Heartland Footwear's products are built to withstand a barrage of chemicals, oils, fats, and acids.



Safety is your top concern, we understand that. With steel toes, steel shanks, and highly engineered outsoles...your safety is in good hands.



We know the ins and outs of outsole science. Made with evacuation properties for an extra secure grip to any surface.

Designed and Assembled in America

Our Injection molded PVC and Rubber Blend products are made right here, in the USA - Smack dab in America's Heartland in South Bend, IN. This allows our customers to enjoy cost effective freight and timely shipping. We source domestically where feasible and possible; where not we utilize imported components.

Injection Molded & Little Waste

The heart-beat of Heartland Footwear is in our 6 injection molding production lines that run 24 hrs day. Our revolutionary production system is a highly scientific machine that seamlessly molds our boots, greatly reducing the amount of waste or errors in the process.

Best Boot Making Team in the World

On top of everything that makes Heartland Footwear great we have the best boot making team in the world, led by our founder and chief bootmaker Afshin Enshaie. Afshin has spent decades in the footwear industry helping put a lot of boot companies on the map with their superior engineered products, and now he's at the helm of the Heartland ship. Our team has over 50 years’ experience making boots, ensuring our market leading quality.